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BREAKING NEWS: FHA pays out more money on reverse mortgages starting 1/1/2018

Since the Reverse Mortgage (RM) program inception in the 1980’s there has been a cap on the value a RM will use to qualify a borrower on the program.  This year the cap is $636,150; meaning, if a home appraises for $1,000,000 the program only uses the max claim value of $636,150 to qualify the borrower.  In a letter dated 12/7/18 The FHA has notified Reverse Mortgage (RM) Lenders that it will raise the maximum claim limit for FHA Insured HECMS to $679,650 from the 2017 limit of $636,150; that is an increase of $43,500 from the prior year.  If you or someone you know has a high value home, this program change will increase the amount they qualify for at least $20,000 more if they are 62 and even more than that if they are older.  If you have any questions regarding this program change or would like to see what you qualify for contact: Robert Krepps at 877-567-7476.




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