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Summer is here in California; the grand-kids are getting out of school and the beaches and parks are beginning to fill up.  Many families wait until the summertime to move causing an increase in demand and pushing home values to rise sharply this time of year, during the winter holidays your home value typically stagnates or may even drop a little as people do not want to go through the hassle of moving during the holidays.  The appraised value is the main indicator of how much money you will have access to on your reverse mortgage (RM).

A great time to get your RM is when your home value is the highest, typically during the summer months; with that in mind is offering a temporary promotion.  Mention this post and you will get a credit at the close of your RM to cover the entire cost of your appraisal (up to a $550 value).  You must sign your initial RM documents by June 24th 2016 to qualify.  This discount is good for RM refinances, or first time RM’s so feel free to forward this information on to anyone you know that has been considering this wonderful FHA program.  Call us today to secure your Free appraisal.  (877) 567-7476.

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