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After my husband passed, I got into so much debt because his social security payments stopped. Some creditors were going after me, threatening to take my house. I thought I would lose my mind from worrying so much. I had talked to and met with other reverse mortgage guys, but I never felt like I could trust them. Robert from Funds4Seniors came in and got the creditors off my back where I didn’t have to lose my house.  Thank God for my reverse mortgage. I was able to redo my kitchen, dining area, living room, bathroom, and back deck. Now I wake up and feel so relieved of all my tensions.  I was able to put up security cameras and now I feel safe and at ease with my finances and my safety thanks to my reverse mortgage.  I was also able to travel and get a new car that won’t break down on me.  When I heard my home value went up, I called Funds4Seniors and we are doing a reverse mortgage again to lower my rate and get more money to now redo the bedrooms and paint the house.  If you ever need a little more help, you should look into a reverse mortgage.  I live in my house, happy, and worry free. Other companies were always pushing me too hard. If you want a company you can trust, talk to Funds4seniors. They will talk to you at your pace and if you decide to do it, they can help you, just like they helped me. I am so happy I did this reverse mortgage.

–Laura, Los Angeles, CA


Last year I started a reverse mortgage with one of those large nationwide reverse mortgage companies advertised on TV.  I had a horrible experience with them; the person helping me estimated my value way too high and I found out many other things told me were also incorrect. Then I caught that company in a few lies they had told me.  I had enough; I found Robert with Funds4Seniors.com  and was able to transfer my appraisal and my reverse mortgage to his company.

Robert and his team were so straightforward, honest, and helpful; they finished out my reverse mortgage quickly and got me the money to put in a new kitchen.  I am so happy I finally got my reverse mortgage. It has given me my life back. I used to throw big parties and I loved to cook for everyone from my old ski club; I hadn’t been able to throw a party for 20 years because my kitchen and home were in bad shape.  I recently had all of my friends over and we had such a wonderful time catching up.  I have big plans for this Christmas season; I am so excited to do lots of cooking and have my friends over more often.  My reverse mortgage has given me so much peace of mind. The improvements I made increased my home value by $116,000.00 and now I am getting more money on a new rm. I am so happy that I trusted Robert’s recommendation to use the money and update my kitchen.  I would recommend Robert and his team for anyone looking into a reverse mortgage.  This is the best financial decision I have made. I wish I would have done this sooner.

–Helen, Van Nuys, CA


My Reverse Mortgage has enabled me to purchase a single premium long-term care insurance policy that I otherwise could not have afforded.  Plus it gave me extra money to invest for a more financially secure future. Robert from Funds4Seniors  came to my house and was wonderful. He is kind, helpful, trustworthy and patient; a true gentleman. I highly recommend him to anyone who is eligible for a Reverse Mortgage.  In fact, I referred my sister to Robert and he helped her live worry-free with her own reverse mortgage.  Now we can both travel and enjoy life together.

–Eleanor, Phillips Ranch. CA

I just want to say a huge Thank You to my angel Robert. It was my lucky day when I called and Robert answered the phone.  I told him my unique situation and he said “let me run some numbers and I will call you right back”, which he did.  He said that I qualified for the reverse mortgage and he came out to my house and we signed paperwork which he explained in detail so that I knew exactly what I was signing.  He spent at least two hours w

ith me.  He was so nice and personable.   I can only say, I don’t think that I have EVER had such friendly and exceptional service as I have experienced with Robert.  If you are thinking about a reverse mortgage don’t hesitate to work with Funds4Seniors.com.  I have even referred my friends from my knitting group to Robert and he helped my good friend start a reverse mortgage too.

–Patti, Sun City, CA

P.S. Patti later married her high school sweetheart and they purchased a new home with a Reverse Mortgage for Purchase.  You can read about it here: https://www.funds4seniors.com/financing/40-years-later-high-school-sweethearts-reconnect-and-buy-home-with-a-reverse-mortgage-for-purchase/

I was referred to Robert by my good friend Patti at my local knitting club.  She told me I could trust him with my life because he saved her financial life.  I did not have to do the reverse mortgage, but Robert explained the advantages of a reverse mortgage, and it made sense for me, so I moved forward with it.  I used the money to pay for some dental work that needed to be done.  I also had been carrying a credit card balance with an interest rate of 30%.  I used the reverse to pay that off and lower my interest by almost 25%.  Getting rid of my mortgage payment also freed up money I used to have to spend every month.  Now I can put money aside for a rainy day.  If I make payments on my reverse mortgage that amount will not only pay down my loan, but also add to my balance available in my Line of Credit that is growing by about 5 1/2% every year!  That is exponential growth in my book.  I am completely satisfied with how I was cared for.  Robert went out of his way to facilitate the process; he even did some handiwork for me by installing some smoke detectors and a new set of blinds in my bedroom.  You owe it to yourself to at least look into what a reverse mortgage could do for you.  I am so glad my friend Patti told me about Robert and the reverse mortgage, I am so happy I did this.

–Nanci & Trip, Menifee, CA


I just heard the news today, we will never have to make another mortgage payment again.  It’s a really great feeling! The gentleman from The Reverse Mortgage Company made the whole process run smoothly and kept us informed every step of the way.  He kept us up to date regarding market conditions so that we could get the paperwork started at just the right time.  We would definitely recommend him to anyone who is thinking about getting a reverse mortgage.

–Fran and Tom, Banning, CA


The situation before my reverse mortgage was quite a struggle for me.  I found it very difficult to manage all of my obligations with the income I was receiving.  I decided to get a reverse mortgage because it was the best way I could find to help me have peace in my life.  I used my reverse mortgage money to pay off my credit cards and help me pay all of my monthly bills.  I am glad I decided to get my reverse mortgage.  I would advise anyone needing help to seriously look into a reverse mortgage, it has been such a great help to me, and I know it can help so many others as well.

–Mary, Carson, CA

On behalf of Silvia and myself (her son) we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for saving our home, and us from being homeless. My senior mother was scammed by legal agencies who prowl on homeowners like her, and gave her false hope they would be able to save her money on her mortgage. She ended up in the worst situation you can imagine, which put us into foreclosure. She had many people approach her claiming they could help her. After being taken advantage of it was a dark place to be in;  she didn’t know who she could trust anymore. It seemed it was hopeless and we spent many sleepless nights just figuring out how we were gonna sleep on the street and survive losing our home.  I, her son, was in the middle of finals at school and did not know what to do.

Before being scammed we were exploring many options and came across Robert from HighTechLending. At the time, we were not sure which route we were going to go, so Robert politely and respectfully left their team’s coffee mug and thanked us for our time. Although we felt hopeless and depressed about to lose our home, a little voice said why not see if they could give us a glimmer of hope. We called Robert back, and HighTechLending carefully examined our case and said they would be able to help us, so we got started right away. It was still hard at this point to sleep but we trusted their team and they did what they told us they would.

The people who were servicing the loan in foreclosure did not make it easy to say the least, but Robert and his team fought hard for us and saved our home and lives essentially. I tear up watching my mom smiling, relaxing and watching TV,  and enjoying her life in retirement.   We even were able to get money into our bank account when we closed.  We now get to wake up every morning peacefully and enjoy our beautiful view thanks to the reverse mortgage.  Thank you for saving our home! We love you!

Eternally Grateful,

 — Silvia and Son, Glendale, CA

Both Bob and I want to thank you for all the help and support you gave us during the process of applying and finalizing our Reverse Mortgage. We had a very unique situation and without your expertise and hard work we would never have been able to figure out how to proceed with all the legal work we needed to do. You helped us to go through the proper channels and steps we needed to achieve the perfect outcome. We were very happy with you and Ian, we never felt pushed or unsure of what we were doing and you both always had answers for any of our many questions. I would recommend you to any Family member or Friends that want to do a reverse mortgage and have peace of mind as we do now.

— Bob and Gail, Murrieta, CA

I want to thank Robert Krepps for helping me get a reverse mortgage. Robert was professional, knowledgeable,  personable, and easy to work with. I was comfortable working with him.

I was able to get through the process quickly and pain-free. It has made my life much better and less worrisome financially. Robert followed up and was available when I to had questions.

Robert came out of his way to have me sign papers that needed signing and was sure I was always informed and comfortable with the process. He made the whole thing painless, understandable, and easy. I would highly recommend Robert to my friends and anyone who has questions about reverse mortgages.

Geri- Placentia, CA

At first, I was very skeptical about the Home Equity Conversion program.  My sister got one and recommended that I speak with Robert Krepps. I would say that first of all, the way the RM was explained to me by Robert was very clear. Robert came directly to my home and made it so easy to learn about this government program. I did not have to go to a faraway office and wait for an appointment. Robert was very flexible and made the process so easy for me. This Federal program freed up money that allowed me to fix things in my home that I would never have been able to do; major things like replacing my roof, fixing my pool, and painting. Most people have their equity locked up in their homes. Robert showed me how to make my equity work for me with my reverse mortgage Line of Credit. The money I left in my LOC has grown over 5% a year; much better than what I get at my bank. I would recommend Robert to anyone, I trust him completely. Now that I have closed my reverse mortgage Robert is still available to answer my questions and touches bases on a regular basis. This has taken all the anxiety over money away from me. I can use my savings for vacations and trips.   I used the money from my house to take care of my house. I was able to do all this to my kitchen with my reverse mortgage besides a new roof & update & fix my swimming pool!! Now that my home is fixed up, when I do decide to sell, I will get more money for it because it looks so nice. The reverse mortgage isn’t free, but, I would say it is a tremendous value for everything it has done for me.

Margaret – Whittier, CA

I found out from my financial advisor that I could get some money out by redoing my reverse mortgage.  I wasn’t sure how we would be able to do it and stay safe because of COVID.  Robert emailed me the application.  It was really easy.  Sometimes when signing loan papers, my hand would get quite sore, but this time I just had to click a button.  The appraiser came out and did a no contact appraisal.  All of the precautions that were made to keep me safe made me feel very comfortable doing this in the middle of this outbreak.  The first time I did a reverse mortgage, I was only able to eliminate my monthly payments for my mortgage.  This time I was able to get a good amount of money in a Line of Credit that I can use when I want.

I was very pleased with the service that I received from Robert.  The process went really well and it was done in a timely manner.  Robert was so helpful and available to answer all my questions during the process.  I am going to pay off some bills and set some money aside for a rainy day.  Once people get healthy again, I am looking forward to taking a cruise with my family to the Caribbean.  This Reverse Mortgage has helped me not to worry about my finances and breathe easy again.  If you are thinking about a Reverse Mortgage, I would say talk to Robert and he will answer your questions, he won’t be pushy at all.  If it is something you want to do, you won’t regret going with him.

Pearl – Los Angeles, CA

I didn’t know anything about a RM, some of my friends made it seem like a scary thing.  My financial advisor recommended it so I met with Robert.  I realized the RM was a wonderful thing and decided to do it.  The RM got rid of my monthly mortgage payment, gave me enough money to purchase long term Care Insurance, and have some extra cash.  This has given me peace of mind as I was very worried about would happen to me if I were to get sick.  I did a RM with Robert 10 years ago and I don’t regret it one bit.  I am sure it is not for everyone but for me it has worked perfectly.

Cynthia –Corona, CA

I lost much of my retirement savings during the last financial crash.  I was worried about how I would be able to make it with a big drop in my income.  My son in law works at Provident bank as a loan officer and he recommended that I meet with Robert Krepps  to talk about how a reverse mortgage would benefit me.  I decided to get my reverse mortgage, Robert was so helpful and put me at ease with the entire process.  It has been a year and a half since I got my reverse mortgage and it has been great for me.  It was enough for me to live the life I want and not worry about money anymore.  I qualified for more money than I needed, so I left money in my reverse mortgage line of credit and it has already grown by over $6,000 the first year, and it looks like it might grow over $8,000 once I finish the second year of leaving my money in there.  My reverse mortgage has turned out better than I had hoped and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to feel a little more comfortable each month.

-Lorraine, La Habra, CA

We want to tell you how pleased we are with our experience with Funds4Seniors.com and especially with Robert Krepps. Robert made our whole experience less stressful than we expected.  David’s mother passed away this past November and we inherited her house.  His mother, Norma, had done a reverse mortgage herself and we had to choose between selling the house and paying it off or doing a reverse mortgage ourselves so that we could pay hers off and live in the house ourselves. David is close to retiring himself and we really wanted to keep the house.
 In looking into what to do, we contacted Robert because he is the agent who did the reverse mortgage for Norma and felt he was the person to talk to.  Robert was great at explaining what a reverse mortgage is and how it works.  We decided he was the person to help us.  We made a great decision!  Robert explained everything, was available when we needed him, eased our concerns and walked us through every step and was encouraging when we were in need.
 Our reverse mortgage has finished and we are very pleased.  Robert treated Norma with respect and care when he helped her and we know that she would be pleased to know that he treated us, her son and daughter-in-law, with the same respect and care that she received.  Norma wanted to be sure we would be able to stay in the house for the rest of our lives and Robert made sure we could.
 Thank you, Robert, for going to bat for us and making sure we understood what we were doing.
-David & Diana, Hemet, CA

I have been on disability since 1978 after I was in a car accident that left me disabled.  Recently my medical bills have increased significantly and I was unable to continue paying them from my disability payment and needed to find a better option. A friend of mine had done a reverse mortgage with Robert Krepps and she had nice things to say about how well she was taken care of during the process and how happy she was with the money she was able to access out of her home.   I decided to take a chance and call Robert.  I found out that the reverse mortgage helps me to stay in my home without having to make any mortgage payments and gives me an option of a monthly check, a large lump sum, or to leave the money in a Line of Credit that is growing by over 6%.  I am signing my papers in 2 days and am so excited to have this financial weight lifted off my shoulders.  I am so glad I called Robert, thanks to my reverse mortgage, I am living stress free again.

-Joanne, Riverside, CA

We couldn’t afford to make a mistake  at this time in our lives.  People my age are scared; many of my friends told me bad things about reverse mortgages.  We learned from the impartial government counselor that those bad things we had heard are absolutely not true.  We are so glad that we found out more about them.  Now we don’t have a mortgage payment and it is a big weight off of our shoulders.

— Harry and Yvonne, Frasier park, CA

The Reverse Mortgage gave peace to my parents.  They are finally able to take the vacation they always wanted to but could never afford; they have always wanted to visit their relatives but it was so far away that they could never do it.  Now they can.  Now it is their turn to relax and enjoy life!

–Sonia, San Bernardino, CA

Funds4Seniors.com is definitely the right company, I recommend doing business with them.  The loan officer that came out knows what he is doing and he is a gentleman and even more important he was not a “pusher”; if I need any kind of help, he is there for me. I wish there were more like him out there.

–Mariluz, Temecula, CA

The Reverse Mortgage has helped us so much.  Thanks to this program, my grandchildren have been able to continue their education.  It makes me feel so good to know that I have been able to help pay for the education my three grandchildren.  Now they are all successful professionals.  This program has not only helped me to get rid of my mortgage payments, but it has helped my entire family to live a better life.

–Amelia, Hesperia, CA

The way you did our Reverse Mortgage so quickly, we couldn’t believe it!  It was finished in less than 30 days.  It has helped us out so much; living on social security with a house payment was really tough.  This reverse program has really given us great peace of mind.

–Richard and Linda, San Bernardino, CA

I live so stress free, now that I have done my reverse mortgage.  I am so happy that I no longer have a mortgage payment.  I  recommend this government program to everyone.’

–Phillip, Pomona, CA

I’m not much on writing so I will keep this short, but I want to tell you what my reverse mortgage did for me.  My mom passed away in her nineties and I inherited her mobile home that was in poor repair.  I used the money from my reverse mortgage to repair and upgrade the home so that now it is comfortable for me. I even had some money left over for other things.  I now have a nice place to live in, for the rest of my life.  Thanks for all of your help.

–Darrell, Hemet, CA

I came to a point in my life where I could see my reserves starting to dwindle and was concerned that I would eventually run out of funds.  This was the deciding factor that led me to get my reverse mortgage.  Now, years later, I can truly say that my reverse mortgage has given me peace of mind; knowing that financial help is only a phone call away with my reverse mortgage line of credit .  I am grateful to Robert for his knowledge and caring role in obtaining my reverse mortgage.

–Norma, Hemet, CA

Nos ha ido bien despues de que decidimos poner nuestra propiedad en Reverse Mortgage.  Antes de eso viviamos muy apretados con nuestros gastos.  Hoy podemos ahorrar un poco y solventar los gastos de la casa.  Mi esposo se compro un carro nuevo. Y si recomiendo a las personas Reverse Mortgage porque veran la diferencia.  Y el trato que nos dio Mr.Robert fue muy profesional, respetuoso, EXCELENTE.  Lo recomiendo a todos.

–Elena, Fontana, CA

We had enough income in our retirement for daily expenses, but having extra for such things as a  car repair or replacing appliances was really hard to come by.  By having money available in our reverse mortgage line of credit, we are able to prepare for such emergencies and feel confident in meeting our needs.  The reverse mortgage was a good decision for us.

–Bill & Carol, Indio, CA

I am writing this note to express my heartfelt appreciation for all the help and service that I have received from Robert with my reverse mortgage.  Before I was introduced to you, I was deeply depressed and confused about so many things.  Finances was a big worry for me; none of my ventures and business matters were going as planned.  I was not in the right frame of mind, but thanks to Robert  and his counseling and much needed guidance, I was able to get my life back on track.  Now, I remain in the right spirit and am not depressed any longer.  Besides my mood, there have been many improvements on the business front as well.  Thanks so much for your patience, understanding, and the reverse mortgage at the time I needed it the most.  Writing this letter as a small token for your services doesn’t seem to be enough.  I am indeed grateful for all of your help and guidance.

–Harold, Los Angeles, CA

I don’t know if other people feel like we did, but John and I were really afraid to do a reverse mortgage.  We had heard so many negative things but we did our own research and found out this is a very safe program that was a perfect fit for our needs.  We are so glad we went ahead and got our reverse mortgage.  It gave us enough money for what we needed and we were able to help our son in his business.  We are happy to say that now, years later, our son’s business is still doing well.  It not only helped John and I to live better, but it was also a wonderful solution for our son.

–John & Mary, Homeland, CA

I was paying over $900.00 each month for a mortgage plus additional monies for my second mortgage.  My financial planner put me in touch with a person who was knowledgeable about the reverse mortgage program.  I was able to pay off my 1st and 2nd mortgages and pay off credit cards and invested the remaining funds.  The reverse mortgage also enabled me to buy long term health care insurance.  I would do it again.  My advice to anyone considering a reverse mortgage would be to know all of the “pros” and “cons” of the program and seek out advice from trusted experts, like I did.

–Cynthia, Corona, CA

El reverse mortgage me ayudo bastante en el tiempo que necesitaba dinero para hacer el pago de mi condominio y con mis gastos, mi sueldo mensual no era suficiente para vivir.

–Maria, Baldwin Park, CA

I love my reverse mortgage.  If I did not have it, I would not be able to live in my house.  I think it is the best thing for older people.  With the money I got from my reverse, I was able to fix up my home, I also bought a new car for myself.  I still have it today and it is in great shape.  I am able to enjoy my retirement peacefully because of my reverse mortgage, I am so glad I did it.

–Sylvia, San Diego, CA

When my husband first talked about getting a reverse mortgage, I had concerns that we might lose our home or we wouldn’t be able to pass on our equity to our kids.   I found out those rumors were just incorrect.  My husband and I sold our home of 37 years in Moreno Valley and purchased a home using a reverse mortgage for purchase.   We bought this new home with an incredible view.   My husband passed away a few years ago, but I am so glad we did the reverse mortgage together.  It gave us some extra cash to put a shed in the backyard and fix up the house exactly how we wanted.  Nothing has changed with my reverse mortgage since he passed; I had no reason to be concerned about getting a reverse mortgage.  I still live here with no worries and no house payment to make.  I think everyone should at least check into a reverse mortgage and find out for themselves if it is something that would benefit them.  I am so glad my financial adviser recommended this program to us.

–Norma, Wildomar, CA

Getting a Reverse Mortgage from Funds4Seniors.com saved me from  losing my home.  I was going through a messy divorce.  I had very little money and a large horse property to maintain.  With the money I received I was able to do some major repairs that I had waited too long to do.  As of now, I am living on my social security with no other money coming in.  Because of my reverse mortgage, I am able to stay in my home, which is a big relief since I am now 75.  Robert is a very honest and caring man.  Doing business with him was a pleasure.

–Joanne, Norco, CA

I have a rental property and my tenants left owing me over $5,000.  I had to spend over $40,000 to get my home “rental ready” again.  Basically, I refurbished or replaced everything but one toilet.  I had no reserves in my savings to repair my home to this extent; I didn’t know what to do, then a friend told me about Robert and the reverse mortgage.  With the money I got from my reverse mortgage I was able to fix up my rental property and I have a lot of extra money that I will use to purchase a home to turn over for a profit.  The reverse mortgage was a blessing and a life saver for me.  I would encourage anyone to seriously consider a reverse mortgage.  I am really happy that I am now getting top dollar for my rental property.

–Laura, Carlsbad, CA

I recently closed a reverse mortgage with the reverse mortgage division of HighTechLending Inc and Robert was my loan officer- he was kind, accurate, compassionate, and patient.  He led me through each step of the reverse mortgage process with confidence, humor and skill.  I was a homeowner who was blessed with having NO mortgage on my property; but with such a limited fixed income, that I found myself unable to pay my property taxes or continue to pay my homeowner’s insurance.  I thought for certain that I could never qualify for a reverse mortgage because of my low income.

My daughter went online and found out that there were “special circumstances” reverse mortgages available to low-income persons such as myself.  We called Robert – he responded right away and we began the reverse mortgage process.  It took time, and there were a few challenges along the way – but Robert and I persevered and the loan funded.  My loan includes a “Life Expectancy Set Aside”, which pays my property taxes and my homeowner’s insurance FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!  no more being afraid of where i will live out my days…  I will be right here – in the home that I know and love!

I decided to use the first year’s proceeds of the loan to help my daughter start a new life, pay my family for their diligent help during hard times, and to repair a few of the problems that were part of owning a cute-but older home.  I also decided to stay within my original living budget, and to keep as much of the proceeds from the loan with the funding company – where it has FAR MORE GROWTH than in any bank or CD program.

It has taken a while for me to stop being anxious, worried, and afraid when I wake up, but, I now know where I am, what I have, and where I will be!

–Meri, San Bernardino, CA

I had been looking to have more income each month so that I could enjoy life more.  My situation was not terrible but I had taken out a line of credit on my house when my husband became ill and although I was only paying the interest on that loan, it was hard for me to pay each month.  Things became especially hard when he passed away and my monthly income went down, and I was used to having both of our incomes to pay the bills.  I talked with a financial advisor and he advised me to get a reverse mortgage.  I could then pay off the line of credit loan and get monthly income from it.  I feel that the reverse mortgage was the only way to go for me.  Maybe now I can do some traveling, and other things that I used to have the money to do.  This reverse mortgage is too new for me to have many feelings about it, but I am sure that it will improve my life situation.  I received good advice from Robert, who walked me through the whole process.  He also talked with my children so that they could understand all that was going on and how it worked.

–LuAnn, from Banning, CA

I talked to Robert for 10 years before I actually got my RM; he was so patient with me and helpful, giving me all the information I asked for.   I finally got my reverse mortgage because I am very low on funds and don’t know when I will need money in the future.  I decided to keep the $260,000 I qualify for in a line of credit so it is available to me whenever I need it; the great thing is it grows by over 5.5% each year.  I am getting over $14,000 growth added to my line of credit every year!   It gives me great peace of mind to me to know that I have money available when I need it.  I have let my daughter know that I have a reverse mortgage line of credit and she can access it through my medical and general power of attorney in my living trust to take care of me if I am incapacitated.  Most of all, my reverse mortgage has given me and my family peace of mind.

–Dorothy from Bellflower, CA

I asked my church for guidance because finances were tight and they recommended me to a financial advisor for assistance.  My advisor wisely recommended that I look into a reverse mortgage.  The introduction of the reverse mortgage by Robert was professional and easy to understand.  Each step of the way, he guided me along the way and I had no hesitation in doing this government program.   I greatly appreciate the patience and professionalism of Robert and I feel like I am now much farther ahead in life.  My decision to get a reverse mortgage has made me comfortable in life and helped me to get ahead; not only do I no longer have a house payment but I will be able to use my RM money to pay off a credit card and my car!   The outcome was a great blessing to me, I can sleep at night knowing that I will always have a roof over my head and my leftover equity will pass on to my son.

— Deborah from Perris, CA

When we decided to do a reverse mortgage, we shopped around for the right company to go with. We met and talked with other agents, and found ourselves not satisfied with their responses.  We were then referred to Robert Krepps. He sat down with us and went through every facet of the process in doing a reverse mortgage.  He answered all of our questions and was always there when we needed more information. He walked us through the process without any hesitation on any aspect we encountered.  We were so happy, we not only did one reverse mortgage, but when our home value went up we pulled more money out with a second reverse mortgage.

We highly recomment Robert Krepps, over anyone in the industry, for a reverse mortgage.

– Earl and Pattie, Backstreet performing arts Dance Studio, Riverside, CA

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