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Are you getting a 2nd Stimulus check?

The Health and Economic Recovery Omnibus Emergency Solutions (HEROES Act) has already passed the House of Representatives and is set to go through the Senate for a vote. If it passes, it is likely President Trump will sign the Act. He was cited by his aides that he is “largely supportive of sending Americans another round of stimulus checks, expressing the belief that the payments will boost the economy”. This would qualify families for up to $6,000 per household.

0.6% or 5.5% growth on your savings?

So much of our lives are spent in preparation for retirement. As young people, we are taught to get a good education so that we can earn enough to live comfortably and get money saved for the future. Once we graduate and get a good job, we begin to put…

Dr. Prescriptions from your cell phone

As a kid, I always looked forward to Saturdays and the great lineup of my favorite cartoons. One of the standouts was surely, “The Jetsons”. This family lived in the future with flying cars, robot nannies, and Dr. visits done virtually from home; what a glorious future we would have!…