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Seniors Find Important Perks by Aging in Community

When it comes to aging in place, today’s seniors are brainstorming some brilliant solutions. “Aging in community” is an innovative variation, broadening seniors’ options and helping them to not only avoid nursing homes, but also avoid senior isolation. Read on for important information about seniors who are resolving the dilemma of aging in place by growing older together.


The Price of Aging


Statistics show that seniors are enjoying longer lives, and along with their increasing longevity they hope to remain independent as long as possible. There was a time when those who were blessed with long lives either moved in with family members or moved to nursing homes.


Unfortunately, Home Health Care News explains about 75 percent of seniors hope to stay in their own homes, but many end up not being able to afford to do so — even if they are physically and mentally capable of self-sufficiency. What’s more, if seniors who are able to age in place become isolated, they risk issues like depression and physical decline.


Cutting Workload


One important solution for many seniors is to simply downsize. By moving to a smaller, more affordable, easier=to-maintain property, they eliminate a giant burden. It’s an opportunity to remain independent, with less lawn to mow and less house to maintain, along with lower property taxes and utility bills. If you’re considering a downsize to resolve your aging in place dilemma, do a little research so you know what houses are going for in your area. As an example, homes in San Diego sold for an average price of $635,000 last month.


Share Space


Even with downsizing, seniors may struggle to make ends meet. One suggestion is to explore home sharing. If you currently live alone, it’s a chance to stay connected with someone else. Home sharing also allows seniors to share expenses and responsibilities. If you’re considering home sharing as a potential solution, think about your home’s layout and how you could accommodate a roommate, or whether it would be better for you to move in with another senior.


More Is More


Across the country, there is a unique senior housing solution that’s really taking off. Referred to as “village living” or “village to village” communities, AgingWell explains that this option basically involves seniors gathering together in a particular area, pooling resources, and engaging with their community for support. It’s a nonprofit, grassroots solution that increases independence, lowers isolation, boosts support, and enhances quality of life, all in one fell swoop.


Supportive Structures


Whatever living environment you choose, it’s crucial to ensure it’s a safe one. With that in mind, as your sort your options, be sure to examine potential homes with a critical eye. Ideally, you want to avoid stairs and steps as much as possible, so a one-floor living arrangement is best, and at least one entryway should be zero-step (Home Depot offers zero-step ramps for $89.81 that can simplify this to a smaller degree). Lighting should be even and bright throughout the home, and give the bathrooms particular attention, as they are often sources of dangerous falls. The space should be safe and supportive, with grab bars, an accessible place to bathe, and enough space to maneuver with a walker or wheelchair.


Aim for a low-maintenance home, both inside and outside. For instance, easy-care landscaping and siding, as well as low-maintenance flooring, can go a long way toward cutting your risks and workload. This aging-in-place checklist can help you evaluate potential homes and decide if you need to make modifications to whatever solution you choose.


Seniors have some brilliant solutions for aging in place. By connecting with others, you can be healthier and happier. Contemplate your options to decide what’s best in your circumstances.


Guest Blogger – Hazel Bridges


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