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Dr. Prescriptions from your cell phone

As a kid, I always looked forward to Saturdays and the great lineup of my favorite cartoons. One of the standouts was surely, “The Jetsons”. This family lived in the future with flying cars, robot nannies, and Dr. visits done virtually from home; what a glorious future we would have! Unfortunately, my flying car isn’t here yet, but I did find a way to talk to a doctor on my cell phone and get new prescriptions set up right from my home.

There is a new app called HeyDoctor by GoodRx, the same company that offers deeply discounted prescription prices. This app has a variety of prescriptions available, along with the price to get it, on the home screen. They have options from High cholesterol medication, eyelash growth meds, UTI medicine, to COVID 19 blood tests. Most of these prescriptions cost $20 to $30, but a few are $50 or $100. Once you choose the medication you need, you are put in touch with a Doctor that will text you questions regarding why you need it and give you a proper diagnosis and treatment. The visit is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. It’s that simple. No more waiting in rooms full of sick people for too long. I have used this app myself and it is simple and easy to use.

Once you get the prescription, the Good Rx system will find you the cheapest places locally to fill that prescription. You don’t need insurance to use this service, but if you do have insurance, you may find the fee for the prescription is the same as your copay but much more convenient. In this age of social distancing, this app might be just what the Doctor ordered.

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