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Purchasing a home with a Reverse Mortgage

Many Mature homeowners have heard of Reverse Mortgages, but, not many are aware that they can actually purchase a home using an FHA insured Reverse Mortgage, and both prospective homeowners do not need to be 62 years old.  Currently, there is NO minimum credit score, No income requirements, and there is no waiting period after a short sale or discharged bankruptcy.  This FHA insured product is a great tool for any mature homeowner to purchase a home, there are no worries as to whether the credit score will drop or whether more debt will show up on credit; it is a simple and easily qualified for loan.  The main requirement is that, if married, only one homeowner must be 62 or older, the purchase must be for your primary residence, the property must fit FHA guidelines, and the homeowner must have money for a down payment.  The process is simple and low stress.  Apply today!


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