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Reverse Mortgages for those younger than 62

Many mature homeowners are now relieved that they no longer have to wait for a younger spouse to grow older before protecting their home and their situation with a Reverse Mortgage.   Whether you are looking to eliminate the stress of a mortgage payment, pay off credit cards and debt, make home improvements, or take that dream vacation you have always wanted; Southern California Residents can now obtain a Reverse Mortgage if they are under the age of 62.  Whether you live in Riverside, San Bernardino, Orange, or Los Angeles County, the department of Housing and Urban Development has now made it possible for those under 62 to qualify for a Federally Insured HECM Reverse Mortgage, if they are married to a homeowner 62 years of age or older.  The qualification tables accept younger spouses age 18 and older.   This marks a departure from the longstanding rule that both homeowners must be over the age of 62 to obtain a Reverse Mortgage loan.  This new rule takes effect after August 3rd 2014.  Applicants may start the Reverse Mortgage process now, as it can take around 30 days or more to close a Reverse Mortgage.


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